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Does the RFS-4010-00010-ZUS SUPPORT WiNG 5 APs WITH -WR SKU?

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TitleDoes the RFS-4010-00010-ZUS SUPPORT WiNG 5 APs WITH -WR SKU?
The RFS-4010-00010-WR is end of sale as of 03/11/2016. We still offer RFS-4010-00010-ZUS, but no reference if WiNG 5 APs with -WR are supported on this platform. 
  • RFS-4010-00010-WR
  • RFS-4010-00010-ZUS
The RFS-4010 ZUS SKU is the same as the -WR, except for the way we bundle and ship the product with power supply. 

The following is the background from the product manager concerning this topic:

- RFS-4010-00010-WR was the original SKU (that ships with external power supply unit). 

- Due to Level-VI certification requirement, we created a new part number RFS-4010-00010-ZUS;  the supplier is to ship without the power supply under a new p/n, RFS-4010-00010-Z and the Extreme Networks DC team adds the PSU (from existing inventory, Level-V PSUs) and ships RFS-4010-00010-ZUS to customers. 

- When the Level V supplies are exhausted in the DC, the supplier will start shipping with the Level VI supply, and we will flip it back to RFS-4010-00010-WR SKU in the price list.
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