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Does the SLX Platform support non-Extreme Branded USB devices?

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TitleDoes the SLX Platform support non-Extreme Branded USB devices?
  • Are you able to connect a non-Extreme branded USB device to a SLX switch/router in order to copy files, run scripts or collect Support Save Data?
It is recommended to use a 16GB or larger USB stick formatted in EXT4 or FAT32|VFAT
  • This will allow you to also use the same USB stick for firmware upgrades (builds can range from 4-16GB)
  • You will also be able to house multiple builds with a larger USB stick
For best results it is recommended to replicate the branded file structure:

Extract the data from the .zip or .tar.gz file and place it in the "firmware" folder
  • If using Windows, it is recommended to use 7zip over WinZip as it is found to have less issues with file corruption
Activate the USB with the following:
SLX# usb on

You can then validate the file structure with the command:
SLX# usb dir

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