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Dragon: What type of installation do we recommend for Server only and sensor only deployments?

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TitleDragon: What type of installation do we recommend for Server only and sensor only deployments?
  • When installing a remote Dragon network sensor  (eg. NIDs), what type of installation do we recommend?
  • Dragon v7.x
  • Dragon v8.x
  • When installing on a machine that will run the EMS server software, we recommend selecting the 'standalone' option.
This will install all the components (reports, sensors, server, etc). We recommend this option in the event you wish to enable the Host Sensor on the EMS server machine in the future. By selecting this option at installation, you can simply enable the hids at your convenience.
If you select 'ems-only' installation, the hids and reporting agents will not be installed, and a complete reinstall of the ems (and selecting standalone) would be necessary to enable the HIDs component. This option will also not install the reporting agents (alarmtool, realtime, etc) to run dragon reports.
  • When installing on a machine running the sensor only, we recommend selecting the 'Sensor and Agents only' option.
This option is the most efficient if in the  future you are plaining on upgrading, as all upgrades can be performed via the web dashboard when installed in sensor-only mode.

If you install in 'standalone mode' you cannot use the remote Binary Upgrade Manager in the web Dashboard  to upgrade sensors remotely, and would need to upgrade each sensor on the command line.

Also, installing in standalone mode would install the reporting/ems components, such as jboss, mysql, etc. This waste system resources.
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