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ERS 3600 : Low POE power mode (Fanless mode)

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TitleERS 3600 : Low POE power mode (Fanless mode)
ERS3626GTS-PWR+ : Low POE power mode (Fanless mode) support
  • ERS3626GTS-PWR+
In Low POE power mode (Fanless mode), the fan speed is reduced to accommodate silent operation for open environments where reduced noise from the fans is required. The surrounding ambient air temperature for use of this feature is required to be 30 degrees Celsius (86 F) or lower. The available PoE budget for the switch when operating in lowpower-budget is limited to 90 Watts in total (802.3af/at) allowing the switch to operate with an acoustic output of 40 db or less.
  • Low PoE power setting is supported on the ERS3626GTS-PWR+ only
  • This feature is supported in stand-alone mode only
1. Enter Global Configuration mode:
configure terminal
2. At the command prompt, enter the following command:
poe power-mode low-power-budget
You do not need to reboot the switch for the change in power mode to take effect.
3. Verify the configuration.
show poe-main-status

The following provides a sample output of the show poe-main-status command showing PoE power mode settings on the ERS3626GTS-PWR+ configured as Low Power Budget power mode

Switch(config)#show poe-main-status
PoE Main Status - Stand-alone
Power Mode : Low Power Budget
Available DTE Power : 90 Watts
DTE Power Status : Normal
DTE Power Consumption : 0 Watts
DTE Power Usage Threshold : 80 %
PD Detect Type : 802.3at
Power Source Present : AC Only
AC Power Status : Present
DC Power Status : Not Present
Additional notes
  • The default PoE power mode is Normal mode - High Power Budget Mode (fan operates)
  • Only the ERS3626GTS-PWR+ operates in two PoE power modes - Fanless mode or Normal mode. 
  • The ERS3650GTS-PWR+ operates in Normal mode only



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