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Explanation of S-Series Firmware Tracks

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TitleExplanation of S-Series Firmware Tracks
  • Explanation of S-Series Firmware Tracks
  • Clarification of Firmware Tracks
  • S-Series
  • SSA
  • There are two firmware tracks and one is for a mixed chassis with newer and older class modules and the other is used if none of the newer class modules are in the chassis. 
  • One image does not support the S180/S140 and SSA180/SSA150A classes.
  • An alternate image is available for mixed class configurations that include the S140/S180 and S130/S150/S155 classes and SSA180/SSA150A and SSA130/SSA150 classes mixed in the same chassis.  
Additional notes
Note the following information in the S140/S180 release notes:

This image provides support for all S-Series HW classes in a single image.
Prior to this version the S-Series FW was released as three separate images. (An image for the S140 I/O modules, SSA180/SSA150A and S130/S150/S155/SSA130/SSA150).

The multicast capacity for the S130/S150/S155 and SSA130/SSA150 classes has been reduced in this image to allow mixed class compatibility.
Please refer to the multicast capacities section found on page 10 of this note.
An alternate image for S130/S150/S155 and SSA130/SSA150 classes only, with the previous established multicast capacity is available for download



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