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ExtremeSwitching - What should I collect before I open a case with the GTAC?

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TitleExtremeSwitching - What should I collect before I open a case with the GTAC?
What should I collect before I open a case with the GTAC?
  • ExtremeSwitching
Before you open a case:
  • Did you search for your issue in GTAC Knowledge Base?
  • Did you research the release notes for the latest available firmware to see if your issue has already been resolved in a later firmware revision?
When opening a case:
  1. Collect the serial number(s) of the switching product(s) that you need help with.   The serial number(s) will be used to verify entitlement for support.
  2. Clearly define the symptoms and issue that you are experiencing
    • What are the symptoms?
    • When did the issue first start to occur?
    • Can you replicate the issue, or is it sporadic?
    • How frequent is the issue?
    • How wide spread is the issue?
    • What is the business impact?
    • When the issue occurs, is there a known workaround in order to temporarily mitigate the issue?
    • What have you done so far in an attempt to isolate or debug the issue?
  3. Clearly define the Network topology if relevant.
    • Provide a network diagram.
    • What Switches are involved (model numbers)?
    • What firmware version is currently running on the equipment?
    • What features are not working as expected.
    • What other Extreme products are involved.
  4. Collect tech-supports from the affected switches.
    1. How to collect a show tech or a tech-support to provide to GTAC
  5. Collect a packet capture if relevant.
    1. How To Enable And Configure Mirroring In EXOS
    2. Perform a packet capture in the EXOS CLI using the command "debug packet capture"
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