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ExtremeWireless Access points connecting at 100Mb when it should be 1Gb

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TitleExtremeWireless Access points connecting at 100Mb when it should be 1Gb
How can I tell if my Access Points are actually running at the fully supported 1Gb port speed?
ExtremeWireless Access Points
IdentiFi Access Points
Any firmware
For the recently released 10.31.xx firmware track, in the Home Page Health section, there is a new entry for 'APs with link problem'.  Click on this link, and the pop-up window will show all APs not connected at the full 1 Gb speed and duplex.

                           User-added image

For all previous ExtremeWireless firmware tracks (10.21.xx and lower):
  • Please us ExtremeControl to monitor the switch ports where Access Points are connected.
  • SSH to the switches where the Access Points are connected and issue a port status command.
Additional notes
From the 10.31.01 Release Notes, under the 'New Features in V10.31.01.0048' section:
  • Reporting of AP LAN Link speed and duplex
  • The AP inventory report was enhanced to display the negotiated link speed and duplex information for the AP LAN ports.
  • A new health check indicator will identify APs with link connections not matching their optimal configuration.
See also: AP's are listed in the "AP's with uplink problems" tab on 10 code.



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