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ExtremeWireless - What should I collect before I open a case with the GTAC?

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TitleExtremeWireless - What should I collect before I open a case with the GTAC?
What should I collect before I open a case with the GTAC?
  • ExtremeWireless
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance
  • Defender 
  1. Did you search for your issue in GTAC Knowledge -
  2. Did you research the latest firmware release notes to see if your issue is already resolved in firmware?
  3. Clearly define what the issue is, things like "AP isn't working" or "client drop" is not clearly describing the issue
  • If “best practices” or “recommended settings” were configured, please list what specific configuration settings were changed and tested - What are the best radio settings for my environment?
  • Troubleshooting methodology should be clearly described, what have you done to isolate the issue?
  1. Tech Support files from both Controllers in a High Availability Pair
  2. Tech Supports should be taken at the same time (NOTE the time when the issues happened). Generated on “All” or “Log”.  (Note: Generating on “Controller” will not capture all of the log and messages files on the controller) -
  • There may be a need for them later that is unforeseeable at the present time. It may be useful to look at both controller configs, logs, for the same time frame.  You can’t go back in time and gather the tech support if it is needed later, so it’s best to get everything at the current time of the issue. 
  • Logs may roll over and future tech supports taken may not have logs covering the time the problem occurred
  • Please gather both tech supports at the same time. If you gather a tech support on a controller when the case is opened, then are asked to gather the secondary controller tech support, for various reasons (Escalation, additional troubleshooting, etc) and they are gathered 5, 10, 20 days apart, the logging will not match up  
  • Both tech supports establish a baseline for the config and any changes that may be made by someone that was doing troubleshooting 
  • Occasionally we have a need to look back at past configurations (unfortunately, not everyone makes backups. We know, shocking!) and as a best practice, it would be good to get tech supports with all GTAC interactions.
  1. Client, RF, or AP issues - Current AP Trace logs from any AP’s involved in the case
  • How to Collect IdentiFi Access Point Logging Information (Trace Bundle)
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance - How to gather ap.logs for review.
    • If AP trace logs were captured previously and additional troubleshooting is done, new AP trace logs should be retrieved
    • Depending on the issue, the more AP trace logs, the better.  If there are reboots with crash reports occurring, it is good to have as many as possible.  If there are different AP models rebooting, this should also be documented
    • Log files should be labeled with more information if possible, model number, floor, building, etc
    • Note the time of the issue, MAC/IP of a client (if any), the logs wrap so gathering the logs two days post problem is not useful to GTAC
  1. Client,  RF, or AP issues - Network traces and client data 
  1. Client or RF issues - If possible, Site Floor plans and AP locations
  • Site survey data
  • Post install floor plans with AP location
  • If the issue is related to RF coverage or Access Point/Client signal, maps with AP location should be included in order to properly troubleshoot, this will allow the case owner to come up to speed quickly and decrease the time to resolution
  1. Opening a ticket with GTAC - How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
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