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Failed RPL link shows the protected port as blocked port

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TitleFailed RPL link shows the protected port as blocked port
"Failed RPL link shows the protected port as blocked port" Is this expected behavior?
  • All EXOS platform
  • All Summit and BD switches
Yes this is the expected behavior for ERPS. The basic concept of G.8032/ERPS is that traffic may flow on all links of a ring network except on one link called the Ring Protection Link (RPL).
The RPL owner is the node that blocks the RPL, and the other node of the RPL is called the RPL neighbor node. All other nodes are called non-RPL nodes. When a link fails, the RPL owner unblocks the RPL to allow connectivity to the nodes in the ring. The G.8032/ERPS rings utilize a channel (dedicated path) for carrying their control traffic which is the R-APS messages (Ring Automatic Protection Switching).
To replicate this behavior we can follw the below instructions:
When disabling the physical link of the ring, the erps output is showing RPL owner port is blocked although the physical port is down.

So ERPS does put blocking filters on a down port to prevent loops when the port comes up. This is a kind of double protection. Hence should be the expected behavior for this symptom.

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