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HTTPS Guest Portal Redirection

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TitleHTTPS Guest Portal Redirection
Is guest portal redirection via https supported in version 8 firmware?
Can client to controller portal traffic be sent via http? 
  • ExtremeWireless
  • IdentiFi
  • HTTP
  • Captive Portal
  • Firmware 9.01.01 and newer

Per the IdentiFi Wireless Controller release notes for version

The internal Captive Portal can now be configured to use either http or https

To be clear, this refers to the client to controller communication within the Captive Portal, as the client logs in or clicks "Accept", "Submit", etc.  
Previous versions ALWAYS used HTTPS communication, however that would produce an error message if there was not a signed CA certificate applied to the portal topology.  

This is accomplished by unchecking the configuration box in the Captive Portal config screen.  Select VNS, then choose the correct WLAN Service --> Auth & Acct tab and "Configure":   
User-added image
Additional notes
  • Version 9 is not supported on the C20 Controller 
  • Portal communication via HTTP is not supported in versions earlier than 9.01.
  • HTTPS redirection (ie, redirecting a client that is trying to reach a website via https) is supported beginning in version 9.15.01.  From the release notes:
    Guest Portal redirection has been enhanced to redirect HTTPS requests to the Guest Portal page. The
    redirection will result in a security warning from most modern browsers because the original HTTPS request has
    been redirected to either an insecure open portal or to an HTTPS portal that is using a different SSL cert than
    the original request. If the user selects continue after the warning, the Guest Portal will come up so that they
    can sign into the network.
    Please be aware that, depending on the browser, the client HTTPS traffic may still not be redirected. The browser may likely still see the redirection/spoofing as a security risk, and not redirect.  Some browsers may also give the user a warning and an option continue.    
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