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How are XSR NIM Card Interfaces Numbered?

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TitleHow are XSR NIM Card Interfaces Numbered?
How are XSR NIM Card Interfaces Numbered?
NIM cards
The port numbering uses three digits separated by forward slashes in this manner: 0/1/0. The first digit to the left indicates the carrier module, with 0 indicating the motherboard as the carrier. The second digit specifies the NIM slot on that specific carrier, and the third digit represents the physical port on the NIM card. The carrier numbers begin with 0 (for XSR-3250 this is 0, 1, or 2) , the slot numbers begin with 1 and the physical port numbers begin with 0 (depending on the number of physical ports on the NIM card this can be 0, 1, 2, or 3).

All XSR routers:
Carrier Slot 0 (0 = Motherboard)
NIM mounted in NIM 1 slot on motherboard
First physical port on NIM card


XSR-3250 only:
Carrier Slot 1 – Top left
NIM mounted in NIM 1 slot of carrier module
Third physical port on NIM card

Carrier Slot 2 – Top right
NIM mounted in MIN 2 slot of carrier module
Fourth physical port on NIM card


XSR-3250 Serial interfaces:
  • Specifying the third serial interface on a NIM-SER-04 installed in card position 2 of carrier module in slot 2:
  int s 2/2/2
  • Specifying the second ISDN interface of NIM-BRI-ST-02 installed in card position 1 of carrier module installed in slot 1:
  int bri 1/1/2
  • Specifying channel group 0 of the fourth physical port of NIM-T1/E1-04 installed in card position 1 of carrier module in slot 1:
  int s1/1/3:0

XSR-3000 vs other models:
  • When a NIM-T1/E1-04 is installed in any XSR router the ports on the card are counted as viewed.  What follows are graphical representations of the ports on the card, not how the port numbers appear in the configuration:
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 |
  • NIM-T1/E1-02 installed in XSR-1800: 
| 0 | 1 |   |   |
  • The same NIM-T1/E1-02 installed in XSR-3000: 
|   |   | 0 | 1 |

Althougth the actual physical circuitry on the card has been reversed.  What was port 0 when installed in an 1800 is now port 1 when installed in any XSR-3000.

Serial NIM cards:
The serial cards are different and are always labeled according to leads on the cable: 
NIM-SER-04 installed in XSR-1800:
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 |
The same NIM-SER-04 installed in any slot of an XSR-3000: 

| 3 | 2 | 1 | 0 |
Here the card is flipped over and so is the cable. The labels on the cable are consistent with how the ports on the card are configured.
  • For any of the above the CLI numbering remains consistent with the graphical representations above.  I.E. Physical port 0 of NIM-SER-04 installed in NIM slot 1 in any XSR router:
interface serial 0/1/0
  • Or in the case of an XSR-1805 or XSR-1850 in which the leading 0 can be omitted:
interface serial 1/0
Additional notes
  • XSR-1805, XSR-1850, XSR-3020 and XSR-3150 do not have the additional slide-in carrier slots so when configuring multiple port NIM cards such as NIM-T1/E1-04 or NIM-SER-02, the leading zero that represents the motherboard can be neglected when configuring the router, though it still shows up when displaying the configuration in "show run" output.
  • Configuration command for first port of NIM-SER-04 installed in NIM 1 on the motherboard of an XSR-1805 or XSR-1850:
​​int s 1/0
  • When displayed in "show run" response:
interface serial 0/1/0



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