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How can I enable 32 bit AS (Autonomous System) numbers on my MLXe?

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TitleHow can I enable 32 bit AS (Autonomous System) numbers on my MLXe?

Connecting your MLXe to a network running BGP.

When connected, BGPpeers give a message that a 32 bit AS number is required but a 16 bit AS number was applied.

The MLXe will not allowa peer with 32bit AS.


To enable 32 bit AS numbers on your MLX-E you need to configure capability as4 enable from BGP context:

NetIron(config-bgp)# capability as4 enable

Syntax: [no] capability as4 enable | disable

The [no] form of the capability command deletes the announcement and negotiation configuration of AS4s (if it has been enabled) at the global level.

Using the regular form of the command with the disable keyword has the same effect on the global configuration. Disabling or using the [no] form of the command does not affect the configuration at the level of a peer or neighbor.

The consequences of choosing between the enable or disable keyword are reflected in the output of the show running configuration command.
To enable AS4s for a peer group, use the capability keyword with the neighbor command in the BGP4 configuration context.

The above clip is from page 1384 of 2728 in the NetIron MXLe Configuration Guide, document number 53-1001965-01 September 20, 2010.

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