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How do I bring BGP session up when peer has Four-byte AS Number; AS4s?

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TitleHow do I bring BGP session up when peer has Four-byte AS Number; AS4s?
BGPsession is not coming up due to Bad Peer AS Number (Autonomous System Number)

telnet@NINBLR01-NSPL-ROUTER-00001#sh ip bgp neighbors
1 IP Address:, AS: 132005 (EBGP), RouterID:, VRF: default-vrf
Description: Oriensoft
State: IDLE, Time: 0h28m42s, KeepAliveTime: 60, HoldTime: 180
Minimal Route Advertisement Interval: 0 seconds
SoftInboundReconfiguration: yes
RefreshCapability: Received
Address Family : IPV4 Unicast
DefaultOriginate: yes (default not sent)
Route-map: (in) oriensoft-in (out) oriensoft-out
Messages: Open Update KeepAlive Notification Refresh-Req
Sent : 18 0 0 18 0
Received: 18 0 0 0 0
Last Connection Reset Reason:Bad Peer AS Number
Notification Sent: Open Message Error/Bad Peer AS Number
Notification Received: Unspecified
Neighbor NLRI Negotiation:
Peer Negotiated IPV4 unicast capability
Peer configured for IPV4 unicast Routes
Neighbor AS4 Capability Negotiation:
Outbound Policy Group:
routemap: oriensoft-out
ID: 14, Use Count: 1

The remote peer; Sonicwall,has been configured for Four-byte Autonomous System Number (AS4s).

To enable the support for AS4s, configure this BGP command:

(config-bgp)#neighbor as4 enable

After configuring this command, BGP session with the AS4s peer comes up.

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