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How do I reverse the airflow direction of VDX 6720?

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TitleHow do I reverse the airflow direction of VDX 6720?
The Brocade VDX 6720 Data Center Switches support two different airflow options:
Front-to-Back or Back-to-Front.
This airflow direction is determined by the integrated power supply or fan installed and the command to change the direction is; sysairflowdir.
If the VDX has this issue where the airflow direction does not match the sysairflowdir, the switch will power down within two minutes after it fully boots to
prevent from it overheating.
Since sysairflowdir is a FOS command and requires root access to VDX, if a customer purchases a certain airflow configuration and then wants to reverse the airflow in the field, they need to purchase the appropriate power supply and fans.

After this has been done,they must contact Brocade Support for guidance on the deployment procedure to reverse the airflow hardwareand configuration to swap out the originalpower supplyand fans. There are specific commands that need to beexecuted.

Reversing the airflow in the field is a supported activity when done under the guidance of the Brocade Support team. Please note; that if the switch is sent for RMA replacement, then the original configuration will be sent out to the customer.

Note: Do not run FOS commands on VDXs in the field. ContactBrocadeSupportif you would like to get more details on when the command sysairflowdir should be run.
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