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How do I search release notes for known issues?

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TitleHow do I search release notes for known issues?
How do I search for known issues in Extreme Networks' release notes?
  • ExtremeWireless
  • ExtremeAnalytics
  • ExtremeControl
  • ExtremeSwitching - SW
  • ExtremeSwitching - HW
  • ExtremeSecurity
Release Notes for most products have been made available without a login on the Extreme Networks website.

Because they are freely available now, you may use your favorite search engine (such as Google) to search Release Notes for CRs and learn of their status.
You may also ask for updates on The Hub if you're having trouble finding information about a specific published CR.
Additional notes
Effective 2/6/2016, The Legacy Knowledge Search in eSupport will no longer be available.  Its functionality is expected to be enhanced and redeployed in a different system at a later date.
See also: Extreme Networks Release Notes



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