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How do I upgrade the Matrix X?

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TitleHow do I upgrade the Matrix X?
How do I upgrade the Matrix X?
Matrix X
Run everything from the CM console port (What are the Console Port settings for the Matrix X?);  and if doing this remotely, have a PC attached  and remote into that PC
Alternatively you could telnet to the CM’s eth0 port – console port is preferable though

Save the config to a text file:
Locally first:
“show config plain outfile public/<file-name.cfg>”
Copy the config to a reachable tftp server:
“copy public/<file-name.cfg> tftp://<ip-addr>/<file-name.cfg>”
This step is optional more like to be on the safe side

Download the new firmware (image) from an FTP server (TFTP is extremely slow and may fail)
“copy ftp://<ip-address>/<file-name.xsi> images/<file-name.xsi>”
Set this image to be the next boot:
“set boot system images/<file-name.xsi>”
Disable all front-panel ports:
“set port disable *.*.*”
This won’t disable eth0 or the console port so you remain in contact with the system
It is not a mandatory step (based on the manual)

Save the new config locally with a different file name
“show config plain outfile public/<new-file-name.cfg>”
This ensures the config is saved with all front-panel ports disabled

Reboot the system:
“reset system”
The X should boot up with the new firmware and all front-panel ports disabled

Run the below command, 
for each CM and IOM the system tells you what is the current and expected BIOS/bootloader/FPGA version
“show system hardware”
You should upgrade only the bits where you see the message “Upgrade suggested”

Update CM BIOS bootloader and FPGA in that order (again, only if needed, if not you’ll get messages like “Update not required - already up to date”, that’s fine):
“update system cm bios”
“update system cm bootloader”
“update system cm fpga”

 Update each IOM bootloader and FPGA

Reset the IOM to be upgraded in maintenance mode:
“reset iom <n> maintmode”
With the command below, you will  see IOM’s status in “Software state: Maintenance Mode”
“show system hardware iom <n>”
Perform the bootloader update:
“update system iom bootloader iomSlot <n>”
Followed by the FPGA update: 
"update system iom fpga iomSlot <n>”
Remember <n> is the IOM number you put in maintenance mode; careful not to use another
If some steps not needed they will be skipped with “already up to date” message
Continue the IOM upgrades one by one until you finish with all the upgrades
Leave them in maintenance mode

Reboot the system by loading the last saved config, the one with the ports disabled:
“configure public/<new-file-name.cfg>”

After the system comes back fully, check the config is loaded as it should, then enable the front-panel ports:
Here I would enable the uplink ports one by one (if LAGs check the LAGs have formed)
Once every uplink seems to be operating as expected then I’d enable the other ports, one IOM at a time, check in between

After all is up, save the config locally again
Additional notes
Note: if an FPGA upgrade on certain IOMs (or all) is not needed then don’t(!). It’s a lengthy process and may cause problems



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