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How do MAP views from OneView/Extreme Management Center create links

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TitleHow do MAP views from OneView/Extreme Management Center create links
  • How do map views get created in OneView
  • How do maps views get generated in Exteme Management Center
  • How do devices in map view get links drawn between them
  • NetSight
  • OneView
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Maps view
The Network Monitor (the part of NetSight that scans the network and finds the links) relies on several Discovery protocols to resolve which port is connected to which port.
It can use MIB tables for CDP (Exteme, Enterasys, Cabletron Proprietary), EDP, and LLDP protocols to resolve port connections.
In addition, it relies on traps (for EDP and LLDP) sent by the devices to inform it when this data changes.
Therefore, how well Maps can find network links depends on:
  • Whether or not the devices support the Discovery protocols
  • Whether those protocols are enabled on the devices and their neighbors
  • How well the device implements the Discovery protocol MIBs
  • They have the related traps enabled for those protocols
  • NetSight is configured as a trap receiver on those devices.
  • NetSight has sufficient read access to the devices
Additional notes
CDP here refers to our own topology protocol, not Cisco CDP. Maps does not support Cisco CDP.
The Map links get updated when NetSight server receives traps from switches and process them properly (or every 12 hour update by polling).



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