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How do you configure SPAN Port for Traffic Mirroring?

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TitleHow do you configure SPAN Port for Traffic Mirroring?

In certain instances, it may be required to sniff the packets from the wire to understand the traffic pattern on a specific port. In such scenarios, Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) can be configured to copy the traffic, with desired direction, on the specific port to a mirror port where a sniffing device is plugged. The packets captured by the sniffing device can then be analyzed.


SPAN configuration example:

RB1(config)# monitor session 1
RB1(conf-mon-sess-1)# source tengigabitethernet1/0/10 destination tengigabitethernet1/0/15 direction both

RB1# show monitor 1
Session :1
Description :Test SPAN Session
State :Enabled
Source interface : 1/0/10 (Up)
Destination interface : 1/0/15 (Up)
Direction :Both

If you receive the following message...

Destination Port cannot be in in L2/L3/Qos/ACL/802.1x/LAG member/Lldp/Port-profile

Then use the following as an example to disable lldp:

Example: port 1/0/15 is destination port:

C24(conf-if-te-0/15)# lldp disable
C24(conf-if-te-0/15)# no switchport
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