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How do you install vTM using Docker?

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TitleHow do you install vTM using Docker?
How to install a Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager using Docker

Docker is a free download:
This container is supplied without a license key and will run in developer mode out of the box.

You can run with:

$ docker run -e ZEUS_EULA=accept --privileged -t -d tuxinvader/brocade-vtm

tuxinvader/brocade-vtm is the name of the current image hosted by Docker. You can check for updated images on
tuxinvader/brocade-vtm contains version 10.4
You must set ZEUS_EULA=accept to indicate that you accept the license agreement, otherwise the software will not start.
You may also specify a License file to download over HTTP using ZEUS_LIC, and a password using ZEUS_PASS.


$ docker run -e ZEUS_EULA=accept -e ZEUS_LIC= -e ZEUS_PASS=t3llNo0n3 --privileged -t -d tuxinvader/brocade-vtm

If you don't specify a ZEUS_PASS or if you set ZEUS_PASS=RANDOM or ZEUSPASS=SIMPLE or ZEUS_PASS=STRONG, then a password will be randomly generated for you. The password will be made up from alphanumerics and (,) comma, (.) period, (-) hyphen, () underscore, and (+) plus. The password will be printed to the console after start up.

Once started, point your web browser at port 9090 to access the web interface, or your rest client at port 9070.
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