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How does 200-series behave connecting to ECloud?

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TitleHow does 200-series behave connecting to ECloud?
How does 200 series switch behave while powered up?
  • 200 Series
  • ExremeCloud
  • Fastpath
When the switch is not connected to cloud it will periodically attempt to resolve FQDN in order to get connected.
If experiencing troubles with this process, see article 
ExtremeCloud Switch never checking in for the first time it's connected (red - down for check-in)

Once switch turns into running state (i.e. once connected and configured) it periodically send updates/stats to controller / cloud.

When switch is downloading new firmware or performs upgrade, user access will be usually locked out. 
If a new connector is downloaded in the upgrade process, the connector application will be stopped and restarted.
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