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How does the EAC Assessment delay option work

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TitleHow does the EAC Assessment delay option work
How does the EAC Assessment delay option work?
  • EAC
  • Agent Assessment
In NAC Manager: 
  1. Click on Tools --> Management and Configuration --> Assessment Configuration
  2. Double click on the assessment configuration
  3. Double click on the desired Agent based assessment test set
  4. Click on the "Advanced" button
  5. Click on "Customize Assessment Delay (in seconds)
Per NetSight help documentation: 
Customize Assessment Delay
This option allows you to delay the start of the assessment by the number of seconds specified. This is useful with agent-based assessment as a way to provide additional time for an end-system to start up and allow the agent to connect to the assessment server. By specifying a delay time, the end-system could avoid being quarantined because the agent wasn't connected yet when the assessment began. When the checkbox is not selected, it defaults to either the Accept or Quarantine interval, whichever is higher. The delay is ignored if the agent is connected.
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