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How does the "upgrade without interrupting service" AP upgrade work

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TitleHow does the "upgrade without interrupting service" AP upgrade work
How does the "upgrade without interrupting service" AP upgrade work?
  • ExtremeWireless
  • 10.41
In 10.41 the ability for an AP-"Upgrade without interrupting service" has been added.
What happens here is actually not that AP’s won’t reboot, as this is still required, but the upgrade happens in groups.
The basis for this is a somewhat proper network design, so while some APs are down, others are able to take over the service in the meantime.
The grouping (of the selected APs for the upgrade) happens in multiple ways: 
  • The first grouping is “APs with no clients”. If there are no clients connected, then all of these APs are upgraded at once, as there would not be any service impact anyways.
  •  Second, after the first group is done, APs with really low traffic are being selected to be grouped and upgraded. 
  • Next are heavier loaded APs and they are grouped channel by channel. Again it’s being assumed that there is a balanced channel plan (and no APs on the same channel next to each other), so if all APs on a specific channel go down, then there will be others that can take over for this period of time.
  • Lastly, APs on DFS/Weather Channels are grouped and updated. 
Also, there is a delay in between the batches of upgrades. This means the whole process will take a longer period of time, but will keep service impact minimal.

The process is the same function used for the scheduled AP Maintenance Cycle - On the ExtremeWireless Appliance, can I schedule all my access points to reset?

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