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How is firmware downloaded to the ExtremeWireless Access Points?

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TitleHow is firmware downloaded to the ExtremeWireless Access Points?
  • How is firmware downloaded to the ExtremeWireless Access Points?
  • Do I need to download code for my ExtremeWireless Access Points?
  • ExtremeWireless
  • Access Point (AP)
  • Firmware All
  • Access Point Firmware upgrades
  • AP firmware is included with the Controller/Appliance firmware, it is not a separate download.
  • As the AP registers with the controller, the firmware version is verified. If it does not match the same value as defined for the default-image on the controller, the controller initiates a TFTP upgrade of the firmware to the AP.  
Additional notes
If the Appliance is in a high availability pair. The AP's will move over to the back-up controller and show as Foreign.  The AP's will not receive the new image until the are rebooted and connect back to their Local Wireless Appliance.

Reference - Communication Ports used in the conversation: What are the tcp/udp ports used between IdentiFi Wireless Controller and AP's  




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