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How to Install a License on NOS based VDX switch?

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TitleHow to Install a License on NOS based VDX switch?
After purchase of aVDXswitch,it may be required to enable additional optional features. For example, more ports may be enabled by purchasing and installing the Ports On Demandfeature.After purchasing the feature,a Transaction Key will be provided thatwill be redeemed for a license keyvia the Software Portal at

Installation ofthat licensekey on the switch willturn on thefeature.

With NOS, license strings will be entered one at a time thru the CLI.

A VDX switch with no installed licenses will display the following:

sw0# show license
No entries available for Switch id 1

License installation example:
To determine WWN of the switch, use theshow license id command:

sw0# show license id
Switch ID License ID
1 10:00:00:05:33:40:32:93

In this example, the WWN is10:00:00:05:33:40:32:93

Below is a POD1 license key that was receivedin thexml license file generated by redeeming a Transaction Key for a license via the Software Portal at This license string begins with an ' * ' and also contains a space after ' *B '

<licKey>*B IbYnbvo1QClaEXKALvoR3bxhxO5F0YSV2OfdBFZ,CILTu10Hc2,R4OOs6aTWVjS3fw0Re:vlmI8j8p3yQZKBDg3l08,jpbZaNqaN8ZBjMkcQVF4YVL4SIYf35,wYnBMSMZLh#</licKey>

Adding a License:
Note the space in the key string, and the use of quotes:

sw0# license add licStr "*B IbYnbvo1QClaEXKALvoR3bxhxO5F0YSV2OfdBFZ,CILTu10Hc2,R4OOs6aTWVjS3fw0Re:vlmI8j8p3yQZKBDg3l08,jpbZaNqaN8ZBjMkcQVF4YVL4SIYf35,wYnBMSMZLh#"

License Added [*B IbYnbvo1QClaEXKALvoR3bxhxO5F0YSV2OfdBFZ,CILTu10Hc2,R4OOs6aTWVjS3fw0Re:vlmI8j8p3yQZKBDg3l08,jpbZaNqaN8ZBjMkcQVF4YVL4SIYf35,wYnBMSMZLh#]

For thelicense change to take effect, please disable/enable port or switch:

sw0# 2010/11/30-16:12:03, [SEC-3051], 298,, INFO, VDX6720-60, The license key *B IbYnbvo1QClaEXKALvoR3bxhxO5F0YSV2OfdBFZ,CILTu10Hc2,R4OOs6aTWVjS3fw0Re:vlmI8j8p3yQZKBDg3l08,jpbZaNqaN8ZBjMkcQVF4YVL4SIYf35,wYnBMSMZLh# is Added.

Note: to disable/enable switch:

sw0# chassis <tab>
Possible completions:
disable Disable the Chassis
enable Enable the Chassis
sw0# chassis disable
Are you sure you want to disable all chassis ports now? [y/n]:

Verifying license installed:

sw0# sh lic >>>shorthand for show license<<<
Switch id: 1
First Ports on Demand license - additional 10 port upgrade license
Feature name:PORTS_ON_DEMAND_1

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