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How to clear or delete device override from the controller or AP using CLI?

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TitleHow to clear or delete device override from the controller or AP using CLI?
How to clear or delete device override from the controller or AP using CLI?
•All WiNG Controllers
•All WiNG Access Points
•WiNG v5.X Software
You can delete various overrides from the device by running 'remove-override' command.


rfs4000-229D58(config-device-00-23-68-22-9D-58)#remove-override ?
adoption Adoption configuration
adoption-mode Configure the adoption mode for the
access-points in this RF-Domain
alias Alias
all Remove all overrides for the device
application-policy Application Policy configuration
area Reset name of area where the system
arp Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
auto-learn Auto learning
autogen-uniqueid Autogenerate a unique id
autoinstall Autoinstall settings
bridge Bridge group commands
captive-portal Captive portal
cdp Cisco Discovery Protocol
channel-list Configure a channel list to be
advertised to wireless clients
cluster Cluster configuration
configuration-persistence Automatic write of startup
configuration file
contact The contact
controller WLAN controller configuration
country-code The country of operation
critical-resource Critical Resource
crypto Encryption related commands
device-upgrade Device firmware upgrade
dot1x 802.1X
dpi Deep-Packet-Inspection (Application
dscp-mapping IP DSCP to 802.1p priority mapping
for untagged frames
email-notification Email notification configuration
enforce-version Check the firmware versions of
devices before interoperating
environmental-sensor Environmental Sensors Configuration
events System event messages
export Export a file
file-sync File sync between controller and
firewall Enable/Disable firewall
floor Reset name of floor where the
system is located
geo-coordinates Geo co-ordinates for this device
global Remove global overrides for the
device but keeps per-interface
gre GRE protocol
interface Select an interface to configure
ip Internet Protocol (IP)
ipv6 Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
l2tpv3 L2tpv3 protocol
l3e-lite-table L3e lite Table
led LED on the device
lldp Link Layer Discovery Protocol
location The location
logging Modify message logging facilities
mac-address-table MAC Address Table
mac-auth 802.1X
memory-profile Memory-profile
mint MiNT protocol
mpact-server MPACT server configuration
noc Noc related configuration
ntp Configure NTP
offline-duration Duration to mark adopted device as
override-wlan Overrides for wlans
power-config Configure power mode
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