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How to configure IP Unnumbered Interface and have communication within unnumbered groups?

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TitleHow to configure IP Unnumbered Interface and have communication within unnumbered groups?
Configuring IP Unnumbered Interfacesin order to have communication within unnumbered groups.

IP Unnumbered feature is available starting on MLX/XMR 5.3 version. Please see the below topology as an example:

PC1 ------(ve101)------ MLX -------(ve102)------ PC2

The configuration is as follows:

vlan 101name "PC1"
untagged ethe 2/10
router-interface ve 101

vlan 102 name "PC2"
untagged ethe 2/8
router-interface ve 102

interface loopback 2
port-name donor-interface
ip address

interface ve 101
ip unnumbered loopback 2

interface ve 102
ip unnumbered loopback 2

After the configuration, Unnumbered interfaces will flag "U." Please see the example below:

MLX#showip interface
Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol VRF FLAG
ve 101192.168.1.1 YES NVRAM up updefault-vrf U
ve 102 YES NVRAM up up default-vrfU
loopback 2 YES NVRAM up up default-vrf

However, hosts on ve 101 will not be able to communicate with ve 102. If reachability is needed between thetwo hosts within the same subnet, local proxy ARP must be configured on the unnumbered interfaces. To configure proxy ARP on the unnumbered interfaces, please see the example below:

MLX(Config)# ip proxy arp

MLX(Config)# interface ve 101
MLX(int-ve-101)# ip local-proxy-arp

MLX(Config)# interface ve 102
MLX(int-ve-102)# ip local-proxy-arp

The unnumbered interfaces are now configured for proxy ARP and reachability between thetwo hosts withinthe same subnet is possible.

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