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How to enable 2 Million routes on MLX platform?

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TitleHow to enable 2 Million routes on MLX platform?
How can a user can enable 2 Million routes on MLX platform?

  • Brocade MLXe Series with MR2-x Management Module.
  • X2 Series Module Line Card ( BR-MLX-100Gx2-CFP2-X2, BR-MLX-10Gx20-X2 or BR-MLX-1GX20-U10G-X2)
  • NI 05.8.00a and later

Route Scaling is a feature that helps scale the number of routes in the Routing Table Manager (Software based).

  • Scales IPv4 and IPv6 routes for the Default VRF and the non-Default VRF.

NetRoute License:

  • The X2 Series Module Line Card have NetRoute license. (This is factory installed and is not available for field upgrade).
  • The 'M' Series of Line Cards have no license installed.
  • Netroute mode is to be turned on using a user CLI. [no] cam-mode amod <slot-id>.
  • Users who have a mix of M and X2 cards in the system, need to turn on Netroute only on X2 cards i.e:
(config)# cam-mode amod slot 4
(config)# cam-mode amod slot 6
  • After the Netroute license is enabled, LP reload is required for Netroute mode to take effect.
# power-off lp 4
# power-on lp 4


# reload
  • Additional changes that require a reload may also be needed, verify the CAM and System-Max settings below prior to reloading to potentially reduce downtime

CAM Profile and System-max configuration guidelines:

  • Ensure you are using one of the valid CAM Profiles
# cam-partition profile ipv4-ipv6-2
# cam-partition profile multiservice-6
# cam-partition profile default
  • Changing the CAM profile will require a reload
  • System-max for ip-route, ip-v6route, ip-cache and ipv6-cache are system-wide and apply to all the Line cards.
  • System-max value should be limited to the max value supported by the specific CAM profile.
system-max ipv6-cache 1884160
system-max ipv6-route 1884160
system-max ip-cache 2621440
system-max ip-route 2506752
  • Changing the system-max will require a reload

Additional notes

Verification of settings:

show ip cache
show ipv6 cache
show cam-partition slot 4




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