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How to redirect traffic using policy based redirect to IPV6 next hop

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TitleHow to redirect traffic using policy based redirect to IPV6 next hop
This article purpose is to outline the configuration of policy based routing to route traffic to IPV6 next hop.
Does all the switches support redirect to IPV6 next hop? 

  • EXOS All
  • Summit and BlackDiamind series
  • PBR
  • IPV6
  • Policy Based redirect
The main component of this configuration is access-list (ACL) How to create and apply an ACL in EXOS
Redirect can be achieved by configuring flow redirect as mentioned in the article How to configure flow-redirect

The Match condition specified here is source-address and is not limited, various match conditions are available in ACL. The action modifier is redirect-name and it will remain the same to achieve flow redirect. 

Sample ACL
Entry redirect {
If match all {
source-address <IPV6address>;
} then {
redirect-name GTAC_redirect;

create flow-redirect GTAC_redirect
configure flow-redirect GTAC_redirect add nexthop <IPV6 next hop address> priority <priority>
Platform Availability
This command is available for IPv4 and IPv6 flow-redirection policies on the platforms listed for the
Policy Based Routing feature in the Feature License Requirements document.

Additional notes
If any of the older versions of I/O module is present in a BlackDiamond switch then IPV6 next hop is not supported and below error message will be logged. 
ERROR: IPv6 flow-redirect cannot be configured on this system. Please use 8900 series or newer cards.
Configuration failed on backup MSM, command execution aborted!




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