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How to send XOS and CFG files using a script with the option 43

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TitleHow to send XOS and CFG files using a script with the option 43
How to send a single file to switch during the ZTP process and execute the EXOS download and configuration file primary.cfg
  • EXOS All
  • ZTP
  • Option 43
  • Code 100
  • Code 101
  • DHCP options 
Please create a notepad file with following contents.The extension of the file should be .xsf

enable log target console 
disable cli prompting 
tftp get <TFTP IP ADDRESS> vr "VR-Default" backup.cfg 
use configuration backup 
download image <TFTP IP ADDRESS> summitX- vr "VR-Default" 
enable cli prompting 
disable log target console 

During ZTP (Auto provisioning) process switch will receive the DHCP option 43 along with the Code 101 (script1.xsf) 
Lets assume the file name is script1.xsf and is placed in the TFTP root folder so that the switch can download it during the ZTP process.

The VR-Mgmt should be specified in case the switch gets the DHCP IP via VR-Mgmt. 
The .xos file depends on the switch. 

please refer this article on how to configure option 43 in windows DHCP server. 
Windows Server Auto Provision of Summit Switches

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