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How to upgrade VDX firmware?

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TitleHow to upgrade VDX firmware?
How do I upgrade VDX firmware ?
  • VDX
  • NOS
Before you begin:
  1. Verify the current version of firmware on the switch.
    switch# show version
  2. Download the version of firmware you want to install from and unzip it to a folder that your ftp server is aware of.
    • If you are using Windows for your FTP server, download the .zip format.
    • If you are using UNIX for your FTP server, download the .gz format).
    • Alternatively you can upgrade the firmware using a Brocade Branded USB.
  3. Backup your current startup-config file.
    Copy startup-config ftp://(username):(password)@(IP Address of FTP server)/(folder)/(file name):
    switch# copy startup-config ftp://admin:******@
  4. Run copy support to gather the core files that may be logged into the switch:
    switch# copy support

Upgrade using FTP/SCP :
  1. Enter the command Firmware Download Interactive:
    Switch# firmware download interactive 
    Server Name or IP Address: x.x.x.x (This is the FTP server) 
    File Name: release.plist (This is the default file name). 
    Make sure your FTP server is pointing to the full path for the NOS folder (C:\NOS\nos2.0.1b\nos2.0.1b)
    Protocol (ftp, scp): ftp 
    User:anonymous (This is the ftp server username)
    Password: (This is the FTP server password.
    Hit enter if blank) 
    Do Auto-Commit after reboot [y]: y 
    Reboot system after download [y]: y
    This command will cause a cold/disruptive reboot and will require that existing telnet, secure telnet, or SSH sessions be restarted.
    Do you want to continue (y/n) [y]: y
    The following will display on your screen if everything was entered correctly:
    Server IP: x.x.x.x, Protocol IPv4 (x.x.x.x will be the IP of your FTP server)
    Checking system settings for firmware download.... System settings check passed.
    You are running "firmware download" with auto-reboot and auto-commit enabled.
    After the firmware is downloaded the system will reboot and commit firmware automatically.
Upgrade using Brocade Branded USB Stick:
  1. Copy the NOS code to the USB device from a PC
  2. Ensure that the USB device is connected to the switch.
  3. Enter the usb on command.
switch# usb on
Trying to enable USB device. Please wait... USB storage enabled
      4.Optional: Enter the usb dir command.
switch# usb dir 
0B 2010 Aug 15 15:13 support
106MB 2010 Aug 24 05:36 config
0B 2010 Aug 15 15:13 firmware
380MB 2010 Aug 15 15:13 NOS_v2.1.1
379MB 2010 Aug 15 15:31
Available space on usbstorage 74% 4.

      5. Enter the firmware download usb command followed by the relative path to the firmware directory.
switch# firmware download usb directory NOS_v2.1.1

      6. Unmount the USB storage device.
switch# usb off 
Trying to disable USB device. Please wait... USB storage disabled.
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