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IPv4 route not added. Hardware LPM Table full

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TitleIPv4 route not added. Hardware LPM Table full
IPv4 route not added. Hardware LPM Table full
The hardware Longest Prefix Match table has been exceeded and at least one IPv4 unicast route entry could not be added to the hardware.
The LPM table is shared by IPv4 and IPv6 route entries. The routes with the longest subnet mask lengths are maintained in the LPM table.
Any IPv4 unicast packet to a destination not present in either the L3 host forwarding table or the LPM routing table will be slowpath forwarded.
This message will be logged at most 1 time per hour when new IPv4 unicast route entries trigger this condition.

An associated debug-summary severity message "HAL.IPv4FIB.LPMTblFullEnt" can be enabled to view per-occurrence details including the subnet and next hop IP address.
In addition, "show platform ipv4fib" can be used to determine which IP unicast route entries were not added to hardware. Any entry in this display without the "S" Setup flag is not currently programmed in hardware. Even an entry in this display with the "S" Setup flag may not be currently programmed in hardware on any BD8800 "e"-series I/O modules. Use the "show platform ipv4fib slot N" on such a module, and again look for the "S" Setup flag.

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