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In Netsight Compass search what do entries in state column mean

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TitleIn Netsight Compass search what do entries in state column mean
In NetSight Compass search what is the meaning of the values returned in the state column?
  • NetSight Console
  • Compass
The values returned by Compass search in the state column are explained in the following table.

Current operating state of the network element.  Possible values are:
initializean initialize is in progress returning the port to the initial state
activeconnection is active
inactiveconnection is inactive
disconnectedno user is logged in
authenticatinga login is in process and has not yet completed
authenticateda user has successfully logged in
heldthe port is locked down because the number of failed login attempts has exceeded the allowable limit
connectingconnection is in process
abortingindicates an authentication timeout
forceAuththe port is always authorized
forceUnauthan administrator has terminated the user session
authSuccessmeans authentication was attempted and succeeded
authTerminateda session was active or in progress and was subsequently terminated
<blank>State was not retrieved

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