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Is it supported to use "tag" as match condition in routing policies?

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TitleIs it supported to use "tag" as match condition in routing policies?
When try to use "tag" match condition in routing policies it doesn't work:
x670G2-SW7.6 # show ospf lsdb as-external 
                AS External LSAs
Link State ID   Adv Router      Seq#         Age Chksum  Tag
-------------------------------------------------------------        0x80000005  283  0xeabb 192        0x80000005  342  0xf97d 203
x670G2-SW7.6 # 
x670G2-SW7.6 # show configuration "bgp" 
# Module bgp configuration.
configure bgp AS-number 65001
configure bgp routerid
create bgp neighbor remote-AS-number 65002
enable bgp neighbor
enable bgp export ospf-extern1 address-family ipv4-unicast export-policy ospf-to-bgp
enable bgp
x670G2-SW7.7 # show policy ospf-to-bgp
Policies at Policy Server:
Policy: ospf-to-bgp
entry ent001 { 
if match all { 
    tag 192 ;
then {
    permit  ;
entry ent002 { 
if match all { 
    nlri ;
then {
    permit  ;
Number of clients bound to policy: 1
Client: bgp bound once
x670G2-SW7.8 # show bgp neighbor transmitted-routes all 
Advertised Routes:
     Destination                         Next-Hop        LPref Weight MED        AS-Path
 >e                    0            0          65001   <-- policy entry with "tag" match condition didn't work
Flags: (*) Preferred BGP route, (>) Active, (d) Suppressed, (h) History
       (s) Stale, (m) Multipath, (u) Unfeasible
Origin: (?) Incomplete, (e) EGP, (i) IGP
BGP Route Statistics 
  Advertised Routes : 0
x670G2-SW7.9 #
  • EXOS
  • All EXOS platforms
  • Routing policies
"Tag" match condition currently is not supported in routing policies.
Additional notes
This feature will be implemented in future under CR: xos0071077



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