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Is the EAPS Master node correctly blocking.

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TitleIs the EAPS Master node correctly blocking.
Is the EAPS Master node correctly blocking.
  • All EXOS platforms
  • EAPS
Run the "debug vlan show vpifs <vlan> <eaps-secondary--port>" command to verify if the EAPS Master node is blocking correctly.
The blocking is done per (EAPS protected) VLAN + Port combination.

In the below example port 2 is the EAPS secondary port for EAPS domain ring-1. The output is captured on the EAPS Master node.

* L10:U39.4 # show eaps "ring-1" | include Secondary
  Secondary port: 2         Port status: Blocked    Tag status: Tagged

VLAN vl-101 is protected by EAPS domain ring-1:

* L10:U39.5 # show vlan "vl-101" eaps
Vlan is Protected in following EAPS domain(s):

Using the "debug vlan show vpifs <vlan> <eaps-secondary--port>" we can check if port 2 within VLAN vl-101 is correctly blocking.
The correct ingress blocking state is: 0x22 (0x20 Block all + 0x2 disable learning)
The corect egress blocking state: 0x2 (block all)

* L10:U39.6 # debug vlan show vpifs vl-101 2
VLAN: vl-101, port:1:2, vlanId:101, instance: 50000091, tag: 1,
    Ingress:0x22, Egress: 0x2, l2 prot priority: 20001, cfgSave: TRUE
    l2Protos (IDs): 0x400 [PIF: type:SLOTPORT linkState:1 phyLinkState:1]
    uRPF[-]:0, isTrillAppointedForwarder:0 isTrillDesignated:0
    clientUsage: 0x10
    Current registered layer 2protocols on this vpif are:
        --EAPS, Protocol priority:20001, Ingress state:0x22, Egress state:0x2

Egress and Ingres state bit definitions
typedef enum ifIngressState_ {
 IF_STATE_ALLOW_ALL =            0x4,
IF_STATE_IN_BLOCK_ALL =         0x20,
IF_STATE_IN_BLOCK_DATA =        0x40,
IF_STATE_INVALID =              0xffffffff,
} ifIngressState_t;
typedef enum ifEgressState_ {
IF_STATE_FORWARDING =           0x1,
IF_STATE_EG_BLOCK_ALL =         0x2,
IF_STATE_EG_BLOCK_DATA =        0x8,
} ifEgressState_t;
Layer 2 protocols , ids and their priorities(lower values have higher precedence
Protocol: SRP , ID: 0x1, Priority: 8001
Protocol: netLogin , ID: 0x2, Priority: 10001
Protocol: VRRP , ID: 0x4, Priority: 40001
Protocol: ESRP , ID: 0x8, Priority: 30001
Protocol: ELSM , ID: 0x10, Priority: 7001
Protocol: ETHOAM , ID: 0x20, Priority: 6001
Protocol: brm , ID: 0x40, Priority: 50001
Protocol: ERPS , ID: 0x80, Priority: 10050
Protocol: FIP , ID: 0x100, Priority: 60001
Protocol: stp , ID: 0x200, Priority: 9001
Protocol: EAPS , ID: 0x400, Priority: 20001
gMacArray[0]: cnt:0 Addr src: 0 in_use: 0
gMacArray[1]: cnt:0 Addr src: 0 in_use: 0
gMacArray[2]: cnt:0 Addr src: 0 in_use: 0
gMacArray[3]: cnt:0 Addr src: 0 in_use: 0
gMacArray[4]: cnt:0 Addr src: 0 in_use: 0
gMacArray[5]: cnt:0 Addr src: 0 in_use: 0
gMacArray[6]: cnt:0 Addr src: 0 in_use: 0
gMacArray[7]: cnt:0 Addr src: 0 in_use: 0
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