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LLDP-MED configuration for 800-series switch

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TitleLLDP-MED configuration for 800-series switch
How to configure an Extreme 800 Series switch for LLDP-MED for VoIP phone to receive Network Policy
  • 800 Series switch
  • LLDP
  • VoIP phone
  • Firmware
The following configuration is an example to configure a VoIP phone to work on ports 1-10 and to receive LLDP-MED Network Policy to assign it as tagged to vlan 20
data vlan tag id 10
voice vlan tag id 20
ports 1-10 vlan 10 untagged
ports 1-10 vlan 20 tagged
A device connected via the phone will be assigned to the data vlan as untagged
  • VLAN
create vlan data tag 10
config vlan data add tagged 25
config vlan data add untagged 1-10 advertisement enable
create vlan voice tag 20
config vlan voice add tagged 1-10,25 advertisement disable
  • LLDP
enable lldp
config lldp ports 1 basic_tlvs port_description system_name system_description system_capabilities enable
config lldp_med log state enable
config lldp_med ports 1-10 med_transmit_capabilities capabilities network_policy state enable
config lldp_med network_policy add app_type voice vlan vlan_id 20 t_field tagged l2_pri_field 0 dscp_field 0
Additional notes
Show commands
show lldp ports 1
show lldp_med ports 1

show lldp local_ports 1
show lldp remote_ports 1

show lldp_med local_ports 1
show lldp_med remote_ports 1

show lldp statistics ports 1

Cisco IP phone cannot obtain voice vlan on 800 Series switch




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