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License Key Activation - Zebra

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TitleLicense Key Activation - Zebra
What is the process to Activate Zebra License Key?   Note:  Below is an example letter you receive when a license is purchased.   The activation process still uses many Zebra links at this time. 
My Licenses - License Key Activation
NALA/EMEA Area Customer
APAC Area Customers
Technical Support

Dear Sir/Madam,
Extreme Networks, Inc. recently purchased the WLAN business of Zebra Technologies,
and all licenses to the former Zebra WLAN products are now being issued by Extreme
Networks. However, to ensure a smooth transition, we will be using the Zebra customer
portal and licensing system to provide license key activation for the next few months.
Please find your Extreme Networks' license entitlement(s) below.  Each license type
purchased will have a unique entitlement ID. This email notification is the only document
that you will receive with the entitlement IDs. Please don't delete it. We suggest you
may want to print or archive a copy for your records.
Note:  An entitlement cannot be applied directly to a product and must be redeemed for
a license online. Instructions to redeem your entitlement IDs are found below.
Please do not reply to this e-mail, which has been sent from a system address for which there is no e-mail
inbox. Should you have any queries, please e-mail: quoting this Sales
order number.

Sales Order Number:
Customer PO:NA
Licensed Product Entitlement ID
ProductDescriptionQuantityVoucher Number
VX-9000-ADP-512LICENSE,VX-9000 - 512X ADAPTIVE AP11XXX16D3G6BXX3C2I8B0  (This is not a real voucher number). 
My Licenses - License Key Activation
Managing infrastructure devices requires a license key to enable software functionality or define
the number of adoptable devices allowable. The licensing portal is a web based online application 
enabling you to request a license key for purchased license certificates/vouchers.
To use the licensing portal, you will need the following:
1.A web browser
2.A Portal Account, with access to My Licenses
3.The serial number of the hardware or software package
4.The license certificates for your hardware or software
NALA/EMEA Area Customers
 1.To log into My Licenses, open a web browser and navigate to the portal at
Enter your username and password.

If you do not have a user account, please follow the steps to obtain a new account:

-   Select the "Register for a New Account" link.

-   On the Pre-Registration page, tick ONLY on the selection for "I need to register/activate a license(s)".
Do not make any other selection.

-   On the selection to enter your customer number, tick on the selection "I don't know my customer number".

-   On the selection for serial number, enter the serial number of one of the devices you are licensing.

-   The next steps will require your company and user information.

-   Once you submit the registration, you will be notified via email once your account is created.

-   Login to using your username and password set.
 2.Register the new software and certificates/vouchers using the My Licenses Register Product form.
 3.For detailed instructions on using the licensing protal to add hardware or software licenses and register
certificates/vouchers, refer to Licensing Portal User Guide
For login assistance or support, please use the support contact emails at the login page that applied to your location.
APAC Area Customers
To activate the license certificate please visit:
Note: User registration would be required for first time users.

For detailed instructions on using the licensing portal to add hardware or software licenses
and register certificates/vouchers, refer to the Licensing Portal User Guide

For the latest Installation Guides, Software and other documentation Click Here

Technical Support for NALA/EMEA and APAC:

For questions or issues regarding license generation, contact Extreme Networks Support:

By Phone:For the support toll-free number in your country:


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