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Maximum IPv4 unicast routes on VDX6740

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TitleMaximum IPv4 unicast routes on VDX6740
What is the actual limit for IPv4 unicast routes in NOS versions.
VDX Data Sheet states 12K but NOS Release Note states that it only supports 8K.  Which one is true, and which one to adhere in field deployment?
VDX 6740/6740T/6740T-1G

NOS versions 4.1.3x, 5.0.1x, 6.0.2x, 7.0.0x, 7.1.0x, 7.2.0x, 7.3.0x
The VDX 6740 HW Data Sheet shows max capacity of the hardware but the published Release Notes (RN) shows the approved and tested current max values. 

Where Data Sheet states 12K max hw capability, the current software implementation only supports 8K for IPv4 unicast routes - the remainder is allocated for other features.

The current allocation in LPM is

           8K      IPv4 Unicast routes
           2K      FCOE
           2K      MCUID (reserved for future use).

One can check the limits in CLI
sw0# show hardware-profile route-table ipv4-max-route

rbridge-id: 2 switch type: BR-VDX6740

route table profile: IPV4-MAX-ROUTE
ipv4_routes: 8096                << =====    can not excess this number, no back door or nerd knob at this time.
max_nexthops: 1024
ipv6_routes: 0
ipv4_neighbor_cache: 22528
ipv6_neighbor_cache: 0
fcoe_domain_routes: 2048
Additional notes
There is no software DEFECT and/or Documentation DEFECT.
Reader need to understand that Data Sheet states hardware capability, while Release Notes states the supported and approved value thru testing. in NOS releases.




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