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Minimum Software Version Required for Access Points WS-AP3805

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TitleMinimum Software Version Required for Access Points WS-AP3805
What is the minimum firmware version required to support the WS-AP3805i or WS-AP3805e orAP3801i (Rev 5F) or AP3801i (Rev 5F) and WS-AP3805i-FCC models? 
  • ExtremeWireless (formerly IdentiFi)
  • WS-AP3805i
  • WS-AP3805e
  • WS-AP3805i
  • WS-AP3805e (Rev 5K)
  • WS-AP3801i
  • WS-AP3801e (Rev 5F)
  • WS-AP3805i-FCC (30912)
  • WS-AP3805i-ROW (30913)
Minimum required software release per hardware revision and/or part number: 
  • WS-AP3805i-FCC (30912) requires the minimum software version
  • WS-AP3805i-ROW (30913) requires the minimum software version
  • AP3805i/e (HW Rev 5K) and AP3801i (HW Rev 5F) or greater (Manufactured after April 2016) requires the minimum software version
For earlier hardware revisions:
  • The minimum firmware required for WS-AP3805i is
  • The minimum firmware required for WS-AP3805e is
Additional notes
Note: The last two digits of the serial number identifies the hardware revision of an access point. For example: 1438123456785M.

The GTAC strongly recommends that you run the latest software release available for your product. Please contact the GTAC if you have questions about recommended software releases. See How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC).




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