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Minimum firmware version for WS-AP3805

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TitleMinimum firmware version for WS-AP3805
What is the minimum firmware version required to support the WS-AP3805i or WS-AP3805e orAP3801i (Rev 5F) or AP3801i (Rev 5F) and WS-AP3805i-FCC models? 
  • ExtremeWireless
  • IdentiFi
  • WS-AP3805i
  • WS-AP3805e
  • WS-AP3805i
  • WS-AP3805e (Rev 5K)
  • WS-AP3801i
  • WS-AP3801e (Rev 5F)
  • WS-AP3805i-FCC (30912)
  • WS-AP3805i-ROW (30913)
  • Firmware Support
  • The minimum firmware required for WS-AP3805i-FCC and WS-AP3805i-ROW is
  • For the AP3805i/e (HW Rev 5K) and AP3801i (HW Rev 5F) or greater (Manufactured after April 2016), the minimum Firmware release is
  • For earlier hardware revisions:
    • The minimum firmware required for WS-AP3805i is
    • The minimum firmware required for WS-AP3805e is
  • Our recommendation is to always be running the latest firmware release available from Extreme Networks.
  • To determine the revision of the Access Point, look at the last two characters of the serial number.  
    • For example, the serial number below is revision 5M:
      • 1438123456785M 
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