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Not able to mirror STP BPDUs and other L2 protocols with one-to-many mirroring

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TitleNot able to mirror STP BPDUs and other L2 protocols with one-to-many mirroring
Why is it not possible to mirror the STP BPDUs or other L2 protocol PDUs like LACP, LLDP with one-to-many mirroring configuration?
Summit and BlackDiamond series
EXOS all
This is a limitation with the EXOS platforms. The L2 protocol mac-addresses are programmed in a separate hardware table from which the one-to-many mirroring does not happen.

For STP BPDUs, we have the following work-around:

configure stp filter-method port-based

The above command will ensure that the STP BPDUs are mirrored overcoming the limitation. There is no work-around to mirror LLDP and the LACP PDUs.

There is no issue with one-to-one mirroring.

Additional notes
Document of User guide would be updated based on the CR xos0066083 with the following information under mirroring examples:
The port-list is a list of monitor ports that transmit identical copies of mirrored packets. 
The loopback-port is an unused port that is required when you mirror to a port-list. 
The loopback-port is not available for switching user data traffic. 
Certain L2 control protocol packets like STP, LACP, LLDP cannot be mirrored with one to many mirroring.




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