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Q+SR4 transceiver information shows -inf for Tx Power

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TitleQ+SR4 transceiver information shows -inf for Tx Power
"show ports <port #> transceiver information"

Why does the Tx-Power shows as -inf or incorrect values.

  • EXOS All
  • Black Diamond and Summit series switches.
  • Optics
  • Q+SR4
As per developer investigation on this, EXOS is actually printing the values that are programmed(i.e. read from optics) in the QSFP+ optics by the vendor. It varies for different vendor optics and it is vendor’s choice to implement these values in their optics
Additional notes
A CR is created  to hide these weird values(Not implemented by vendor) through some misc print like “N/A” to avoid any confusions
CR # xos0057140

Will the optics purchased from Extreme Networks show this value?
Some of the optics does and if this is needed, please raise it as a feature request with accounts team or GTAC.



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