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S-Series Fabric and I/O Module Compatibility

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TitleS-Series Fabric and I/O Module Compatibility
What is the compatibility of the S-Series Fabric and I/O Modules?
  • S-Series
  • All firmware
  • S140, S180, S130, S150, S155
I/O Compatibility:
  • S140 class is I/O only. S180 class has I/O and I/O modules.
  • The S140 requires the use of S180 fabrics when used in the S4/S6/S8 fabric based chassis.
  • The S140 class may not be used in chassis with S130/S150/S155 fabrics)
  • It is permissible to mix S140/S180 and S130/S150 I/O modules in the same chassis when using S180 class fabrics.
Fabric Compatibility:
  • Fabric classes can’t be mixed, mixing S130/S150/S155 fabrics with S180 class fabrics is prohibited.
  • There is no such thing as a S140 class fabric, only S180 class.
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