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Security Checklist For S-Series, K-Series, N-Series and Securestack

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TitleSecurity Checklist For S-Series, K-Series, N-Series and Securestack
List of Security Best Practices
  • S-Series
  • K-Sereies
  • N-Series
  • Securestack
  • Document an acceptable use policy
  • Use Policy defining what can be done on the network
  • Configure policy or ACL's to block unused protocols
  • All ports should be deleted from the “default” VLAN
  • A banner should be configured to warn that unauthorized access to the switch is prohibited
  • Configure a new password for the admin, rw and ro access, optionally disable the rw and ro accounts
  • Disable telnet
  • Configure policy or a service ACL to allow only authorized staff access to the CLI
  • Configure VLANs to segment traffic groups
  • Disable unused ports
  • Use static routing where possible to simplify security. Should a routing protocol be necessary, use one that supports authentication. Extreme Networks recommends OSPF
  • Enable DoS protection
  • Enable authentication for network access
  • Enable authentication for CLI access
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