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Suppress System logs for ERS Stackable Devices

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TitleSuppress System logs for ERS Stackable Devices
Is ERS Stackable devices have a feature to suppress specific system generated logs to be getting generated on the device?
  • All ERS devices
  • All Versions
For all ERS stackable devices, there is no such feature where the specific logs could be suppressed from getting generated. Either we could enable or disable complete logging for the device with different levels. Below is the configuration. 
#show logging config

Event Logging: Enabled
Volatile Logging Option: Overwrite
Event Types To Log: Critical, Serious, Informational
Event Types To Log To NV Storage: Critical, Serious
Remote Logging: Disabled
Remote Logging Address:
Secondary Remote Logging Address:
Event Types To Log Remotely: None
Facility: Daemon
ERS(config)#logging ?
  disable   Disable the event log
  enable    Enable the event log
  level     The severity level of events that will be logged in DRAM
  nv-level  The severity level of events that will be saved in NV storage
  remote    Configure remote logging parameters
  volatile  Configure options for logging to DRAM

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