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Switch shows "Config Booted: Factory Default"

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TitleSwitch shows "Config Booted: Factory Default"
Why does the switch show "Config Booted: Factory Default" in the output of "show switch"?
Any Extreme switch that hasn't rebooted since it was last factory reset.

The output will show "Config Booted: Factory Default" until the switch has been rebooted after being reset to factory defaults.

This has no affect on the performance of the switch as long as the "Config selected" is the configuration that you wish to use.

# show switch
--truncated for brevity--
Config Selected:  NONE                                                
Config Booted:    Factory Default                                     
Config Automatic: NONE 
# save
No default configuration database has been selected to boot up the system.
Save configuration will set the new configuration as the default database.
The configuration file primary.cfg already exists.
Do you want to save configuration to primary.cfg and overwrite it? (y/N) Yes
Saving configuration primary.cfg  on master ...... done!
Configuration saved to primary.cfg successfully.
The selected configuration file is now "primary.cfg". By default, this file will be used for saving the configuration which will take effect after the next switch reboot.
# show switch
--truncated for brevity
Config Selected:  primary.cfg                                         
Config Booted:    Factory Default                                     
Config Automatic: NONE                    
primary.cfg       Created by ExtremeXOS version
                  421807 bytes saved on Fri Dec 15 15:14:37 2017
Additional notes
It is not possible modify the Factory Default configuration file



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