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Troubleshoot License Issues on 6710/6720/6730/6740 and 8770

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TitleTroubleshoot License Issues on 6710/6720/6730/6740 and 8770
First check if the switch has all the required licenses:
Verify license by executing the command below:

switch#show license

License Issues example:

When you try to enable theFcoE port on a switch that doesn't not have an FcoE license, you will be prompted with an error:

%Error: FcoE license not present

Similarly, on switches like the 6740 and 8770, a Layer 3 license is required.
If you try to enable BGP protocol, you will see the error below:

%Error: Layer 3 license not present

In the example below, the user is trying to reserve a port, but does not have any available ports, and needs a DPOD license:

Error: No more license available to assign to port

POD License:
Varies by hardware type. Please check the attached image for hardware type.

VCS license:
Only required if more than two switches are in the fabric
No longer required with NOS 4.1 and higher

Layer 3 license:
Required to enable Layer 3 features on the VDX 6740 and 8770 switches
Not required on VDX 6710/6720 and 6730 switches

FCoE license:
Required if FcoE device(s) are attached to any switch in the fabric

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