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Understanding Hex and other encryption option during SNMPv3 configuration in EXOS

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TitleUnderstanding Hex and other encryption option during SNMPv3 configuration in EXOS
How to configure the SNMPv3 credentials in EXOS using hex option?
Summit and Blackdiamond Series
EXOS all
configure snmpv3 add user [ hex hex_user_name | user_name ] {engine-id engine_id} {authentication [md5 | sha]
 {localized-key auth_localized_key | hex hex_auth_password | auth_password} {privacy {des |3des |aes {128 |192 | 256}}
 {localized-key priv_localized_key | hex hex_priv_password | priv_password} }} {volatile}
SNMPv3 user name can be configured in EXOS in clear text format or in the hex format.

Clear-text CLI:
configure snmpv3 add user v3admin authentication md5 nmatters privacy des nmatters
configure snmpv3 add group v3group user v3admin sec-model usm

In Hex Format:
conf snmpv3 add user hex 76:33:61:64:6d:69:6e authentication md5 hex 6e:6d:61:74:74:65:72:73 privacy des hex 6e:6d:61:74:74:65:72:73
configure snmpv3 add group v3group user hex 76:33:61:64:6d:69:6e  sec-model usm

The value after the hex is simply the hexa-decimal value of the username v3admin.
This value can be obtained by using any ASCII to HEX converter.

SNMPv3 privacy information and the password details can also be encrypted with the auth-encrypted key-word
The value after the auth-encrypted key-word is obtained by hashing the engine-id of the switch and the specified password. Hence, it is recommended to simply type the password in clear-text and let the switch do the encryption based on its engine-id.

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