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WS-C35 Clock Issue - FAQ

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TitleWS-C35 Clock Issue - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the WS-C35 Clock Issue
Customer with WS-C35 (manufacturing revision 5J or earlier)

Q: What is the clock signal degradation issue which affects the WS-C35?
Extreme recently became aware of an issue related to a component supplied by one supplier. A clock signal degradation will affect the function of the logic circuit driven by it and the system will exhibit an inability to boot or may cease operation even if that circuit is not used. This degradation is gradual and the effects of it are seen after the unit has been operational for around 18 months and more.

Q: Is this a hazardous or safety issue?
No, there is no risk of fire or other hazards. This is only an operational issue.

Q: When did Extreme become aware of this issue?
Extreme learned about the scope of potential customer impacts due to this issue in late December 2016.

Q: Why is Extreme doing this proactive product swap?
Extreme maintains high Quality standards. Based on the information Extreme has been made aware of regarding this issue, this is a proactive product swap and not a product recall. Extreme products with this component are currently performing normally. But we expect product failures to increase over the years, beginning after the unit has been in operation for approximately 18 months. For customers wanting to be proactive and determine that a replacement is required, Extreme is offering to provide replacement products (which have this component) at no cost to you.

Q: What Extreme products are affected?
The WS-C35 (Marketing PN: 30135; Shipping PN: 908302 – Mfg Rev 5J and lower) are affected.
The fixed product will have Mfg Rev 5K or higher, and will begin shipping on March 20, 2017

Q: Is there any CLI indication or any other way to proactively monitor or assess a device to see if it is nearing failure?
Unfortunately, no, there is no way to monitor and no warning signs.


Q: What is Extreme’s plan to replace the impacted products?
Extreme is offering to provide replacement for all products with this component through a proactive trade-in and repair program, even if they have not failed. This will be an advance replacement.

Q: Is there a time frame for requesting a replacement product from Extreme?
Please plan to request replacement product by June 9th, 2017. This will help Extreme with product quantity planning and replacement logistics management. (NOTE; requests for replacements will be honored after June 9th, 2017)

Q: How long will replacements take?
Extreme will start shipping replacements on March 20th, 2017. Due to the age-based nature of the failure and the volume of replacements, Extreme will be prioritizing requests based on the products’ time in operation. Therefore, fulfillment requests may take an extended time.

Q: What should customers do if their products are not covered by warranty or service contract?
Extreme is offering to provide replacement for all products, even if the product(s) is not covered by warranty or a service contract. Log into the support portal, and open a  case to “Request a Hardware Replacement” and in the Description field, please include “Field Notice-415”

Q: Will Extreme provide funding to perform onsite replacements?
Extreme will provide replacement products at no cost, but will not fund onsite services to replace affected devices.

Q: Will service contracts be automatically updated with the new serial numbers of replacement devices?
Yes - the serial number swap in service contracts will occur just as they do for typical RMA processes.

Q: Will customers be required to get new licenses?
The process would be the same as during a normal fix-on-failure RMA. Whatever needs to be done from a licensing perspective would apply in this situation as well.

Q: Will future NEW shipments for the WS-C35 have this same issue?
The fixed product will have Mfg Rev 5K or higher, and will begin shipping March 20, 2017 to new product and replacement product inventories.


Q: How to determine affected product by inspecting manufacturing revision on the product label ?
Product Description: WS-C35 (Marketing # 30135; Shipping Part Number: 908302-10 Rev 5J and lower)

User-added image

Q: How to determine affected product remotely using the Wireless Assistant ?
Log into the C35 Wireless Assistant (instructions may be found in the Wireless User Guide for your version of ExtremeWireless code).  From the Wireless Assistant main page, browse to Reports -> Controller Status -> Manufacturing Information. The Hardware Revision is displayed as shown below. 

User-added image
User-added image

Affected Product:
Hardware Revision = 01    (corresponds to manufacturing revision 5J and earlier)

Fixed Product:
Hardware Revision = 02   (corresponds to manufacturing revision 5K and later)

Q: is there a date before which products were not affected ?
All products since the beginning of manufacturing are affected. Products with Mfg Rev equal to 5J or earlier are affected. 
The fixed product will have Mfg Rev 5K or higher, and will begin shipping March 20, 2017
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