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How do I know if my Purview Analytics appliance is working correctly?

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TitleHow do I know if my Purview Analytics appliance is working correctly?
How do a perform a Purview or Analytics Appliance health check?
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  • Purview Appliance
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  • Extreme Management Center
SSH to the Purview Appliance  - run and capture to a log the following commands to guide you or support to next steps.

1.  Check interface status , see if you have eth0, eth1 and/or lo interfaces created.
2.  See if we are getting tunneled traffic. eth0 may be different depending on setup. If your sending mirrored traffic directly to the appliance, skip to step 4.
tcpdump -i eth0 ip proto 47
       See if any packets come in, hit control -z to stop if so on all tcp dumps

3.  Then tcpdump decode as gre 
tcpdump -i gre1

4.  See if Netflow packets are arriving. XOS switches may use port 2075, Extreme Wireless Controllers use port 2095
tcpdump -i eth0 udp port 2055
4a. Check to see if 'tap' port is getting mirror bidirectional traffic. This is needed if GRE is not being used and eth1 is being used to monitor mirrored  traffic. No traffic here means that no response times will show up in Oneview.
tcpdump -i eth1
4b. Check to see if Internally, ipfix records are being created. This can be omitted if a Wireless Controller is the only source, as it can send ipfix records directly.
tcpdump -i lo udp port 9191

5.  Check appID status 
appidctl status
6.  Make sure java is running. 
ps -eaf | grep java
7.  Make sure we are listing for it. 
netstat -pan | grep java
7a. Look for non established connections
netstat -tuv

8. From Oneview, Applications -> Configuration -> Overview make sure that the enforce button has been used
User-added image
9. From Oneview - Go to Applications -> Configuration -> Appliance -> Status ->Diagnostics
  You will generally want to make sure that the Summary Data is incrementing.
 But the other data is important as well. Grab a screen capture and make sure to refresh and re-capture.
User-added image

10.  Look at Applications -> Configuration -> Status
Take a screenshot of this. If no solution is apparent, gather all above data , open a GTAC case and attach to the case.
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