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What PoE standards are needed to power up the AP39xx?

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TitleWhat PoE standards are needed to power up the AP39xx?
What PoE standards are needed to power up the AP39xx?
  • IdentiFi 
  • Firmware 10.x
  • AP39xx Series
  • AP3935i/e
  • AP3965i/e
  • 802.3at
  • 802.3af
  • To get 4x4:4 spacial streams (MU-MIMO) support on the AP3935 you will need to power the AP with 802.3at (30W)
  • If 802.3af is the only option available, you will get reduced functionality 2x2:2 on both radios.
  • Supports LLDP Inline Power Negotiation for PoE+ 
  • Caveats:
    • X440 (G1) and X460 (G1) do not support hardware-based two-event classification for 802.3at, so LLDP must be configured.
    • Summit G2 series switches, as well as S/K series support hardware-based two-event classification so LLDP is not required.

You can force an AP to only use 802.3AT power with the option "Low Power Mode Override", which can be found under the following path:
  1.  Click AP tab > Select AP in question
  2.  Click Properties Tab > Then Advanced Button as seen here:
User-added image
  3. Check the box next to "Low Power Mode Override" (may cause AP reboot) as seen here:
User-added image
Additional notes
See Also:  If the 39xx AP is under loaded you will get a notification on the AP Logs Tab, example:
03/31/16 11:39:21   1548Y-xxxxxxx    Critical    17 sec in cycle 1: AP powered by AF instead of AT PS, entering low power mode(2x2 R1,2x2 R2)
Also on the Home screen of the Extreme Wireless Assistant you will see:

User-added image



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