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What are VXLAN Limitations?

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TitleWhat are VXLAN Limitations?
What are VXLAN Limitations?
  • Summit x670G2, x770, x870
  • EXOS 21.x, 22.x
The following capabilities are not supported in ExtremeXOS:
  • Layer 3 gateways
  • Multicast VXLAN
  • Ability to assign more than one VNI to a virtual network
  • IPv6 addresses for local and remote VTEPs
  • Assigning source IP for VXLAN gateway encapsulation:
  • Per virtual router
  • Per virtual network or VNI
  • Support for adding more than one tenant VLAN per VNI
  • A physical port being part of both a tenant VLAN and an underlay (Network) VLAN
  • Routing in and out of tunnels
  • Integration with any controllers
  • Support for heterogeneous stack environments where at least one of the stack nodes is not VXLAN capable
  • More than one next-hop on a (network) port
  • Tagged and untagged tenant VLANs on the same port
  • Multicast underlay IP network, including PIM-Bidir
  • Multiple VRs
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